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Best school in Sonipat Haryana || Top 5 list of schools in Sonipat

Best school in Sonipat Haryana: Well, it is always a difficult task to choose where your child is going to study during the next academic year. But guessing what your child needs will help you choose the ideal school for your child. In this article, we will give you one of the top 15 private schools in Sonepat.

The school is the training ground for all the qualities that make a good person. Here we first learn to live a disciplined life. We study together, we sit together, and we play together. Therefore it is important to choose school wisely. This article will let you go through all the best schools in Sonipat. And will help you choose the best for your ward.


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Best school in Sonipat Haryana || Top 5 list of schools in Sonipat

1. Little Angels School

Little Angels School has been established by highly respected figures from the school of education and precisely to provide this philanthropic version of holistic education aimed at understanding the true potential of every student and developing confidence Be able to take care of yourself. Make your way and leave a mark.
The institution offers a wide range of activities, materials, approaches, and learning opportunities encouraging each child to discover and develop their strengths. Students come to Little Angels School with varying intelligence, abilities, interest, and skills. Therefore, the curriculum is carefully designed to engage students with multiple learning styles.
Management and staff constantly monitor, analyze, and refine all aspects of teaching and learning because we want every student in our institution to find something that is good. The success stories of Angelians show our investment in terms of commitment, dedication, understanding, hard work with full devotion.

2.Shreejee International School

Shreeji International School is situated in the lap of nature and is spread over 11 acres of picturesque land. It is located close to NH1, a 5-minute drive from Sonepat City. The campus is designed to meet the highest academic expectations of society.
SJIS is a true symbol of digital-age schooling. This scientifically planned air-conditioned complex provides an array of modern facilities to prepare tomorrow’s global citizens. The well-organized campus is a synthesis of architectural marvels and technological advances necessary for the advancement of knowledge and learning in today’s era. It is designed by a renowned architectural group in collaboration with eminent academics of the country. Right from the first year of operation, the campus has every facility to suit the educational activities, sports, creative and aesthetic efforts of the students.
Shreeji International School is committed to meeting the educational needs of K-12 students in this emerging world. The school believes in preparing children for life and equipping them with the best values ​​of our rich cultural heritage with sound academic competencies. To achieve this, it has a strong infrastructural base, a comprehensive curriculum, and a technology-driven delivery mechanism. Achievements are not goals but only milestones. SJIS has this positive outlook and approach to growing definitively and continuously while following its management ideologies with education, imagination, innovation.

3. The Vedic era School

Vedic era mission is
  1. To make students fundamentally stronger.
  2. For the child’s developmental, intellectual, and aesthetic faculties through hosting extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
  3. To instill in the students a sense of patriotism and community spirit so that they can be made qualified and responsible citizens.
  4. Promoting team spirit and environmental consciousness.
  5. To convince the students that building good character is the most important objective of education.
  6. To provide a student-friendly stress-free and value-based learning experience.
  7. Providing state-of-the-art educational facilities. Need to know more about Vedic era school in Sonepat

4. Rishikul World School



With a view to grooming students into capable and responsible leaders, Mr. SK Sharma, The Founder Patron, and renowned educationist planted the Rishikul Vishwa Academy Sopit to benefit the global society for its benevolent benefit. This dream has now come true as the school has carved out a niche for itself in providing a world-class education to young leaders, transforming them into a more practical, morally, professionally mature and socially savvy generation Can go tomorrow.


The school is designed to serve the cause by supplying all the necessary goods to provide quality education to the students. Aesthetically maneuver-based activity-based learning methods and the development of global etiquette are some of the hallmarks of the school.


Hrishikul dedicates itself sincerely to ensure the asynchronous development of the mind, body, and soul of children and vows to achieve their objective of making them ideal citizens of this world.


5. Shiva Shiksha School



If we do not accept the contribution of our best wishes then we will fail in our duty. The then Minister of Industries, Haryana, and the late Dr. Due to Mangal Sen Ji’s efforts. Devi Das Ji, East. M.L.A. Sonipat., The school received 4000 yards of land. We got an additional piece of 6000 yards due to the efforts of the then Finance Minister of Haryana, Mr. Mange Ramji Gupta. The school showed excellent results and became a force to advance in the field of education.
In 1992, the first batch of 91 students appeared in the matriculation examination of the Board of School Education of Haryana and the entire batch passed. Rajiv Kumar got 89% and finished first among boys in Sonepat. He got admission in Electronics and Communication Engineering at REC Kurukshetra. Rachna Bansal and Meenu Goyal held the flag high. He topped the Class X in the School Education Board, Haryana in 1995 and 1996 respectively.