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Blue Bird School Aligarh : Admission Application Form, Fee 2021-2022

Blue Bird School Aligarh : Admission Application Form, Fee 2021-2022

Blue Bird School Aligarh: hey guys today I am talking about Bluebird school which is top schools in Aligarh. This school was established in 1976 to provide an opportunity through quality education. Blue Bird Aligarh School is a co-educational school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).



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Blue Bird School Aligarh: Admission Application Online Form, Fee 2021-2022

Before we discuss Blue Bird School Aligarh, Let see the school summary given below.
Hostel Facility:
Day School
Banna Devi Bhattacharya Bhavan G T Road Aligarh Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh
Contact Number
Email ID
Admission Update
Coming Soon
School Level
Senior Secondary
Established Year
Medium of Instruction
Affiliation Number
Blue Bird Education Society

Affiliations, Recognition, and other Achievement

  1. Recognized by: Deptt. Of Education
  2. Affiliation No: 2130072
  3. Aid Status: Private

Facilities –

  1. Library
  2. Computer Lab
  3. Science Lab
  4. Math Lab
  5. Sports
  6. Medical Facilities

Infrastructure Of Blue Bird School

1. The School Environment

The school maintains clean eco-friendly environmental factors. To see and keep in mind that the condition of the school is an attractive work environment and learning.
The study halls are open, sufficiently bright, and ventilated along one end of the green board. The rooms all have broad viewpoints on the Green Board, including rich vegetation around the school grounds, plus these lines give a solid, clean and contamination-free condition suited for examinations.

2. Teaching Staff

The school has an exceptionally skilled, qualified, and experienced staff.
To keep critical levels of education and present-day near, the school conducts a logical examination on the learning process and updates its staff through standard redirection projects to support instructors, workshop meetings as teachers Do. Recent mechanical improvements in training so that they can be educated with understanding and use newly proposed methods in guidance.

3.School Library

The school library is an important level of asset focus, with the most recent books in different fields prepared. Assetcyclopedia, Dictionary, Information Books, Science, Commerce, Arts, Economics, Computers, Story Books, Magazines, Journals, Journals, and many unusual booklets.

4.Recreations & Sports

The school is built with a huge playground and athletic track, where students play various sports such as football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, handball, kabaddi, and so forth. In addition, legitimate hard courts are accessible for yard tennis, badminton, B-ball, etc. Indoor practice includes chess, table tennis, and beyond.


The school has the most recent types of equipment that provide ample opportunities to understand leading logical checks and exams. A portion of the laboratories is referred to here:
Science Laboratories: Each of the three different science laboratories in physics, chemistry, and biology gives the understanding to examine the universe of science in major logical orders.
Computer Laboratory: The Machine Room is equipped with the most current Pentium-based intelligent cinematographic interactive media system. PC education is compulsory since class III.
Mathematics Laboratory: The Mathematics Laboratory is planned so that the educational program can take an understanding of the past of the universe of science into the complexities of the subject so as to build enthusiasm for the subject. Students are directed at constructing mathematical models and reasoning based on inquiry and perception. The laboratory opens another horizon for free travel to the scientific psyche.

6. Scholarships & Awards

To motivate students to study hard and bring them a sense of competence, the school started a 1992 scholarship scheme in 1992. These awards were given by the late Shri P.C. Were presented by Is in the memory of. The Bhattacharya Scholarship is available to students after class IV. The scholarship awarded to the student will receive an exemption from tuition. To be eligible, a student must pass in all subjects, pass his class, and must not be less than 90% of the total marks in the word examination.
Additionally, students in the school are rewarded for their academic achievements in the inter-ceremonies held at the end of each major examination to promote excellence in education. It is an opportunity that recognizes and honors students’ academic achievement and also provides them with motivation and encouragement to perform better.

7. Medical Checkup Program

The school provides regular medical facilities to its staff and students. Dispensaries and first aid kits are available on each block and floor to provide immediate relief to students in the event of an accident or accidental injury. Additionally, a registered physician conducts a comprehensive and detailed medical examination of each student annually. Dental test records are kept and displayed to parents for follow-up.

Admission Process Of Blue Bird School Aligarh

The admission process at Blue Bird Senior Secondary School starts in May each year and school starts in July. For admission to Blue Bird Senior Secondary School School, parents should follow these steps:
  1. Make an appointment with the School Admissions Office.
  2. Get the enrollment form from the school office or the school website.
  3. Complete the registration form and send it to the Admissions Office with the necessary documents.
  1. For admission to kindergarten, the age limit is at least 2 years and 6 months from 31 May.
  2. For Class I, the age limit is 5 years and 6 months from 31 May.
Documents required:
  1. Complete Registration Form
  2. Self-attested birth certificate copy
  3. Transfer grade sheet, final exam certificate.
  4. Passport size photo


  1. Respected Shri. Abhinatham Upadhyay, Secretary, Aligarh District Legal Services Authority, on the POCSO Act, 2012 to address, educate, and educate teachers. A number of participants: 50-60.
  2. Sh. Nasim Ahmed, Addl. The District and Sessions Judge of Aligarh Court will address, educate, and sensitize teachers about the POCSO Act.
  3. Mrs. Salini Sharma, Workshop Partner – POCSO and Project CACA to contact, educate, and sensitize teachers about child sexual abuse. A number of participants: 50-60.
  4. Dr. Bhattacharjee, Head of Administration, will conduct a workshop on sensitizing the teachers of his institute to the POCSO Act, 2012, and child sexual abuse. An essential step in creating a safer, better, and healthier environment for our children.
  5. Mr. Pradeep Sharma, Project Coordinator – CACA Project, Medium Workbooks. A number of participants: 50-60.