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Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2023-24

Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2023-24

We especially take care of the weakest sectors of society economically and socially through inclusive education and through awareness programs such as Ankur-Don Bosco, Ashalayam, and evening training centers. We take great pride in our caring and inclusive spirit, as we set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve and achieve their best. Our students feel happy and belonging, which is essential for their future success. Students are taught in an intimate, friendly environment and in line with each specific educational need. We have created an atmosphere in which people feel safe, secure, spontaneous, and happy. Every student has the right to be safe in school, to be treated with compassion, to be heard, and to be heard.

We would like to share with you some of the many good practices that have allowed us to create a safe and happy learning environment in our district’s schools. Don Bosco School, Alaknanda aims at the integral development of students and gives importance to the formation of habits of discipline, study, self-sufficiency, and moral values, to make students worthy citizens of the state. Qualified and committed staff serve the diverse needs of students. The dedication and devotion with which they work every day are commendable. The regular training and updating they receive both inside and outside the school’s facilities make them sharper in their vision of engaging with students.

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Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, Delhi
Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, Delhi


Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2023-24

School Board:




Hostel Facility:

Day School


Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, New Delhi, Delhi

Contact Number


Email ID


Affiliations, Recognition, and other Achievement:

  1. Recognized by: CBSE

  2. Affiliation No: 2730082

  3. Aid Status: Private

Facilities :

  1. Library

  2. Computer Lab

  3. Science Lab

  4. Math Lab

  5. Smart Classes

  6. Sports

Admission Details


  1. Admission to the Don Bosco school is usually only in kindergarten. Admission to the other semesters, generally in March, depends on vacancies.
  2. Once chosen to be admitted to any class, parents must complete the admission form very carefully and no subsequent changes will be allowed.
  3. The signatures of both parents must be submitted on the admission form, and either signature will be valid for all transactions as long as the candidate remains at Don Bosco School. The signature of the admission form constitutes a commitment on the part of the parents to comply with the rules that govern the school, as included in this leaflet or as subsequently amended.
  4. The new candidates must be presented personally by the parents and will be responsible for the fees, as well as the behavior and study of the students.
  5. The correct certificates must be presented with the name of the candidate and his parents, along with a copy of the same, statements will not be accepted. A student who has enrolled in a recognized school must present a transfer certificate before being admitted to the Don Bosco School. A Christian disciple must also provide a certificate of baptism and an organic speech from the local pastor.
  6. To define a specific course in the eleventh semester, aptitude for the current must be determined by a certain consistency in academic performance in the ninth and tenth grades. Only those who have at least 60% of the test scores of all Indian high schools (X) will be considered for the AISSE selection for Trade Stream. For a science stream, the minimum grades would be 80% with a higher percentage in Science and Math considered individually. Admission to a particular stream will also depend on the number of seats assigned to each department and the electives available at the school. The required standards of discipline and ethics as outlined in previous chapters will play an important role.
  7. At all admission levels, school transportation is independent of admission.
  8. The principle is the highest authority in all matters of admitting individual students to the school.
  9. One cannot be considered accepted except after having paid all required fees at the time of admission. Subsequent withdrawal or no-show on the requested day will mean the cancellation of admission and no refund will be considered, except for alert funds, if any.

Admission Criteria









Staff ward



Documents required for admission 2024

  1. D.O.B Certificate.
  2. Two passport size photo
  3. Residence proof.
  4. Proof of alumni
  5. Proof of sibling

Fee Structure


Pre Primary to Class 5

Class 11 & 12 Science

Tuition Fee



Development Fee




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