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DPS Rohini

DPS Rohini

DPS Rohini is the best and oldest of co-ed and private schools with CBSE curriculum in Delhi. DPS Public School Rohini was established in July 1995. During its first year, the school started with 250 children. Currently, it has over 2000 students admitted. Since its inception, it has shaped the lives of thousands of children. This branch of the Delhi Public School Society is known to have created a legacy of disciplined, dedicated and dependable members of the community. The school holds pride in producing students who are selected in India’s topmost institutions, such as Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (BITS Pilani), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and other such schools and universities of excellence, all over the world.


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DPS Rohini
DPS Rohini


DPS Public School Rohini is well known for its erudite faculty. Back in 1995, DPS Rohinistarted with June Fernandes as the Founder and Headmistress, and a staff comprising eight teachers. This Delhi Public School’s current principal is Vibha Singh. The school is also famous for its excellent infrastructure. The students admitted to this branch of DPS have access to a multimedia lab and two libraries with over 20000 important and informative books, novels and more. The school also pays attention to its students’ physical health. The DPS Rohini sports club encourages participation in sports like cricket, football, badminton and more. The school also has a gym. It also has a canteen for its students and teachers, offering nutritional food. The school also has a full-time doctor and nurse.

All-Round Education & Infrastructure At DPS Rohini

Delhi Public School encourages all its students to get an all-round education. So its curriculum for all ages includes theory and application. Therefore, the students at DPS Rohini have regular practical educational sessions. There is a physics lab on the premises where students are exposed to practical physics experiments. It also has a fully equipped chemistry laboratory, where curiosity is encouraged in a controlled environment and the students are encouraged to conduct safe chemical experiments. DPS public school Rohini also recognises the advantage of technical education, and therefore it has a well-built computer lab where students can learn basic and advanced computer skills. The school has also taken education a step further with its Educomp smart class. This smart class is available to its students all the way up to 12th standard. The school has also taken the initiative of improving education with ‘THOTS’ a cutting-edge higher-order thinking skills lab.

Innovation & International Excellence At DPS Rohini

DPS Rohini enables an environment conducive for nurturing innovation, confidence and good moral values among young impressionable minds. This Delhi public school believes in grooming gracious and responsible citizens of the world. This goal is made possible by placing emphasis on developing a strong character and setting the mind toward excellence. DPS Rohinialso encourages teamwork and leadership potential. It does this by offering robust academics and extra-curricular programmes. The school is well sought after for its yearly NASA trips. Its students are also considered for their school’s well-known exchange programmes. This way, its students have the opportunity to be exposed to different world cultures, where students are brought in from European countries like France & Germany.

Student Organisations And Clubs at DPS Rohini

Delhi Public School also encourages healthy debates as a learning experience for future leaders. Both its junior and senior batches have their own cabinet system. The students at DPS public school Rohini also have exposure to a wholesome global experience with its Mock United Nations (MUN) society, which is called the ‘DPSRMUN’. Students interested in a future in technology and computers have also formed a computer club called ‘XINO’. The school even has a Maths club called “Vortex”, which encourages mathematical puzzles, competitions and more. DPS Rohini also encourages general knowledge in ‘Infinity’, their Quiz club. The students interested in commerce have also started a club called ‘BIZECO’.


The Vision of Delhi Public School, Rohini is ‘Wholesome Development’. The school does this through activities such as Peer Education, Team Building Exercises, and more. These activities help students learn a value system that they can carry throughout their life. These values empower the students and help them grow into an enlightened set of youth that greatly contributes to the upliftment of society and creates a positive change wherever they go. DPS Public School Rohini also enables this sentiment by taking up initiatives to shoulder social responsibility. The school organises and participates actively in various civic and social services. The school actively supports social causes such as women and children’s safety with the campaign, ‘Parivartan’. It has also participated in campaigns such as ‘Goonj’, the Teach India Program, the campaign for cleanliness – Swachhata Hi Seva, ‘My School, My Voice’ – a year- long project about gender equality, the ‘Awakened Citizen Program’, and much more.

Inclusive Education at DPS Rohini

DPS public school Rohini strongly believes in providing quality education for all. Which includes educating children with special needs. Therefore, the school offers an ‘Inclusive Education’, which enables students from all backgrounds to access mainstream education. This includes differently abled children as well as those that come from various socio-economic backgrounds. The staff at DPS is extremely professional, and committed to teaching students in a way that they understand best. The teaching methods at DPS Rohini are designed to optimise every student’s untapped potential. Special attention is also given to students with special needs by the school’s Department of Mental Health – HOPE. The team at HOPE comprises well-qualified Special Educators & Counsellors. A complete sense of inclusion is facilitated by this mental health department, for all the students in all aspects of school life.


DPS Rohini Sports

The DPS Rohini school truly believes that education goes beyond just classroom learning. Therefore, it places an equal emphasis on physical activity and sports. The DPS Public School Rohinioffers a wide range of sports beyond cricket and badminton. The school trains students in Hockey, Skating, Taekwondo, Chess, Baseketball, Yoga, Tennis, Shooting, Table Tennis, Karate, Football, Athletics and Volleyball, as well. Sports are an extremely important aspect of a child’s development. They teach the child important qualities of discipline, hard work, teamwork and leadership. Infact, children who participate in sports at DPS, also tend to become wholesome and well-rounded individuals of society. The school takes immense pride in the fact that it groomed several National and International level sports champions.

Student Safety Prioritised

DPS Public School Rohini has a complete understanding of the fact that parents send their children to the school with absolute faith. This is why the school places student safety at its pinnacle. With this deep sense of responsibility, the school has taken several security measures. The school believes that it is not advisable to ensure a student’s safety simply by marking their attendance or making a head count. So, the school has taken a step ahead in student safety and provided all of its students with radio-frequency identification (RFID) Cards. The RFID Card is an automated system which has been designed to track the location of the child. It detects the child’s presence right from the time they board the school bus. It tracks the student as they enter the campus or leave the school, till they deboard the bus to reach home.


The RFID Card helps the school and parents monitor their child’s safety within the school’s premises. The RFID card also has features such In-School Monitoring and sends SMS Alert to parents as required. Among the several benefits that the RFID technology offers, there are a few technical limitations and drawbacks that parents should also be aware of. A tag collision is possible if a reader picks up signals from too many tags at the same time or there could be a reader collision issue if there is a signal interference between two readers. However, neither of these limitations can be placed over a child’s security. So, DPS Rohini has made it compulsory for all students to wear their RFID Card every day. The school insists that the card be worn around the neck and not inside the pocket or bag so that the card can be detected properly. The school also requests the parents that the mobile number registered with the card not have a DND function so that any alerts rech the parents smoothly.

DPS Rohini Ranking

DPS Rohini is ranked within the top 10 private schools in Delhi. It has an excellent reputation and it strives to provide quality education. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The 10th std students at DPS public school Rohini take the AISSE examinations and the class 12th students appear for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE). These examinations take place in March, every year.  The DPS Rohini results come out in May every year. The DPS Rohini class 12 result is very impressive. In these examinations, the DPS Rohini ranking is often among the top 10 students. The school also takes pride in the fact that every year the DPS Rohini class 12 result has students scoring the highest marks subject-wise in these examinations. Many of its students have also been awarded the extremely coveted Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana scholarships, every year. The DPS Rohini resultsfor the Class 10 boards are also always excellent. An impressive number of students from DPS has also excelled in the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE).

DPS Rohini admission 2020-21

The DPS Rohini admission for entry-level classes, Nursery, Pre-primary and Class 1 batches usually starts from November of the previous academic year. Admission to batches beyond Class 1 depends on any availability of seats per batch. The school primarily caters to students residing in East Delhi. The DPS Public School Rohini has a strict no-discrimination policy. It ensures that all its students receive the best quality of education, irrespective of their status, gender, caste, race or creed. All Delhi Public Schools strictly follow the guidelines provided by academic regulator bodies such as the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), CBSE and the Directorate of education. The minimum age criteria for pre-school is 3 years of age. Parents can access the DPS Rohini admission 2020-21application form on the school’s website. For admission at DPS public school, it is highly recommended that parents duly fill and submit the form at the school office well within the school’s stipulated date.

The DPS Rohini school has an impartial point system admission criteria. The student is assigned points according to various parameters such as residential distance, the admittance of an older sibling and DPS Alumni parents. The total number of points a student can score is out of 100. Prospective students who live within 12kms distance of school score 40 points. Those who live within 12.1 to 15kms score 35 points and the students who live within 15.1- 17kms score 30 points. The students who stay beyond 17 km from DPS Rohini score 0 points. The points scored if an existing DPS public schoolstudent is a sibling or either parents are DPS Alumni, are 30 each. The admission process is designed according to the instructions provided by the school from time to time. The existing school rules also have the admission provisions and process in place for students who come from economically weaker sections of society.


Parents should regularly check and make note of the DPS Rohini admissionsection school website so that they don’t miss out on any important dates. The school first posts the admission criteria and their points. The admission process then begins and the application forms become available at the school office and the school website. Parents should ensure they make note of the last date for submission of these application forms. The school then uploads details of prospective students who applied under the Open Seats category. It then uploads the marks of these students according to the point system, under the Open Seats. The school then releases the first list of children, including the Waiting List, of selected children along with the allotted marks according to the Point System. The DPS Rohini admission office then resolves the written, email or verbal queries that parents may have in reference to the point allotment for their children in the first list. After that, the school displays the second list including the Waiting list of children along with the allotted points, followed by another few weeks of query resolutions for the second list. The school then displays any subsequent lists of admission, and finally closes the admission process after a few days.


The DPS Rohini admission process for entry level classes, nursery , pre-primary and Class 1, requires parents to fill in the online registration form which is available on school website. The application form needs to be submitted along with a non-refundable registration fee and scanned copies of relevant documents as mentioned on the school’s website, before the last date. The age criteria for DPS Rohini admission to the nursery section requires a minimum age of 3yrs or a maximum age less than 4 years as on 31st March of the admission year. The age criteria for admission to the Pre-primary or Kindergarten section is a minimum of 4 years of age or a maximum of less than 5 years as on 31st March of the admission year. The age criteria for Class 1 section admissions at Delhi Public School Rohini are a minimum of 5 years of age and a maximum of less than 6 years as on 31st March of the admission year. Students who wish to be admitted in classes from Class 2 to Class 11 are considered only subject to availability in those batches.


Documents Required For DPS Rohini Admission

Parents have to submit the application form along with the following documents while applying for the DPS Rohini admission process:

       Birth Certificate of the child issued by the Municipal Corporation or an equivalent authority.

       A latest passport size photograph of child

       If the child belongs to the Special Needs category, the school requires their Medical Document/Certificate declaring the disability

       Any one of the following proof of residence needs to be provided:
– A Smart Card or a Ration Card issued in either parent’s name, with the child’s name mentioned in it. having the name of the child),
– The child or its parent’s Domicile Certificate
– Either parent’s Voter Identity Card (EPIC)
– Any latest Water Bill or Electricity Bill or  MTNL telephone bill of the current address of residence
– The child or either parent’s
– Either parent’s Aadhar Card / Unique Identity Card

       If the child has an existing sibling admitted at DPS Rohini, their ID card will need to be submitted as proof.

       If either parent has been an Alumni of DPS, their School leaving certificate or mark sheet will need to be submitted.

       If one of the parents of the student is deceased, their Death Certificate will need to be submitted.

DPS Rohini Vacancy

DPS Rohini admission is made according to the number of seats available. In the Nursery section, the school has a total vacancy of 140 seats. 50% of these seats are open seats, which means they are accessible to the general category. 25% of the DPS Rohini vacancy in the nursery section is reserved for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and the Disadvantaged Group (DG). 20% of the seats belong to the Management Quota, and 5% seats are reserved for students for the staff. As the batch progresses to the Pre-primary section, there are a total of 5 seats available of which 2 are for the General Category and the remaining 3 are for the EWS / DG category. In the Class 1 section, there are a total of 4 seats available. 3 of these seats belong to the General Category and 1 to the EWS/ DG category.

DPS Rohini Fee Structure

The DPS Rohini fees is designed to allow parents of all backgrounds to be able to provide quality education to their children. The DPS Rohini fee structure includes various services that the school provides. The DPS Rohini fees are bifurcated into the annual charges, the monthly tuition fee, monthly computer fee, monthly science lab fee, annual co-scholastic activity fee, the monthly RFID Charges, and a monthly bus fee for students opt for the service. The DPS Rohini Fee Structure is as follows:


DPS Rohini Fee Structure On Admission



Registration Charges

Rs. 25/-

Admission Charges

Rs. 200/-


Rs. 225/-

DPS Rohini Fee Structure – Annual Collection



Annual Charges

Rs. 13,500/-

Operational Charges

Rs. 10,620/-

Total Annual Collection

Rs. 24,120/-

DPS Rohini Fee Structure – Monthly Tuition



Entry Level Classes – Class 12

Rs. 5,900/-

DPS Rohini Fee Structure – Monthly Computer



Class 5 – Class 10

Rs. 200/-

Class 11 – Class 12 (Optional)

Rs. 200/-

Smart Classes (Nursery – Class 12)

Rs. 300/-

DPS Rohini Fee Structure – Annual Additional Co-Scholastic Activity




Nursery – Class 1

I Play I Explore

Rs. 2,000/-

Class 2 – Class 5


Rs. 1,600/-

Class 6 – Class 8


Rs. 1,600/-

DPS Rohini Fee Structure for Monthly Science Charges Per Subject



Class 11 & Class 12 (Optional) Physics, Chemistry & Biology

Rs. 100/-

Monthly RFID Charges



Nursery to Class 12

Rs. 100/-

DPS Rohini Fee Structure – Monthly Bus Charges (Subject to variation according to CNG charges)



Distance upto 7kms

Rs. 1,950/-

Distance Over 7kms up to 10kms

Rs. 2050/-

Distance over 10kms

Rs. 2,150/-


DPS Rohini Contact Number & Details

This Delhi Public School in Rohini is located at a prime location in East Delhi. Its details are as follows:

Delhi Public School,
Sector-24, Phase III, Rohini,
New Delhi-110085

Official Website:

DPS Rohini Contact Number.:
011 -27055942/ 27055943 (From 7:30 am – 3:30 pm)
011 – 27933088 (After working hours and on holidays)

Fax No.:
011- 27056362

Email ID:
Accounts Department:

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