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Laxman Public School, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2023-24

Laxman Public School, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2023-24

Laxman Public School was founded by the late Shri Laxman S. Agarwal. I grew up in a poor family in Meerut and understood what a good school education meant for the children of those families. He has worked hard all his life and established one of the most famous lighting companies in India. But he was always a very simple human with little to no material possessions. It was sacred in many ways. He was always loved and respected by his staff, treating them as part of his great family.

He set an example for us all by making achievement more important than money. He always wanted to create the best school in Delhi, and now LPS will work towards that goal in the next decade. This is the only way we can pay off the efforts you put into creating this great institution. We owe it to him, the students, parents, and society at large to work towards this goal. Every moment of the day and night.

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Laxman Public School, Delhi


Laxman Public School, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2023-24


School Board:




Hostel Facility:

Day School


Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi

Contact Number

011-46071197,26963240, 26865095

Email ID


Affiliations, Recognition, and other Achievement:

  1. Recognized by: CBSE

  2. Affiliation No: 2730038

  3. Aid Status: Private

Facilities :

  1. Library

  2. Computer Lab

  3. Science Lab

  4. Math Lab

  5. Smart Classes

  6. Sports

Instructions and procedure for Admission form


  1. Please fill out this form very carefully, as acceptance will depend on the content of this form.
  2. A hard copy of the completed form must be presented to the school office between 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. every business day (closed on Saturdays). A non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 25 will be deducted (cash only) at the time of submitting the form.
  3. Forms with handwritten amendments/corrections will not be accepted. Incomplete forms are subject to rejection without any warning.
  4. The registration process will not be complete unless a hard copy of the form is presented to the school. Enrollment does not guarantee a child’s admission to school.
  5. Admission to the school is subject to verification of original documents. The company must clearly certify that the information provided is correct and that the documents presented are true copies of the assets.
  6. The school will assign a registration number to each form. For further communication with parents, the school will only mention the registration number provided on this form.
  7. The number of seats available for admission is limited and may vary (depending on the TC issued).
  8. It is recommended to apply only at the school office to avoid cancellation.

Fee Structure


Fee (Monthly) 

Pre School

Rs 5620/-

Pre Primary

Rs 5620/-

I to V

Rs 5515/-


Rs 5515/-

IX & X

Rs 5672/-


Rs 5672/-


Documents required for admission 2021

  1. D.O.B Certificate.
  2. Two passport size photo
  3. Residence proof.
  4. Proof of alumni
  5. Proof of sibling

Admission Criteria









Staff ward




School Rules And Regulations

  1. ID card must be brought to the school
  2. Students are expected to arrive at school 10 minutes before the morning gathering. The school doors will open at 7.30 am. No student should come before this time. After 8:05 AM, the door will be closed and no entry will be allowed.
  3. Students are not allowed to ride a motorcycle/scooter/car/motorbike to school. No student riding the school bus can change lanes to accommodate the family programs.
  4. No student should come to the medical room without written permission from the class or subject teacher.
  5. No student must leave the school building during school hours without the permission of the principal/principal. Violating this rule will result in suspension.
  6. Students are not allowed to make phone calls except in emergency situations; Students are not allowed to have visitors at the school. Students are not permitted to bring cell phones to the school.
  7. Students must obey observers and maintain discipline at all times.
  8. The school reserves the right to suspend or take appropriate disciplinary action against students who lack diligence or whose studies progress is consistently unsatisfactory. Neglect of homework and irregular attendance will result in disciplinary action.
  9. The principal reserves the right to exempt a student whose behavior/behavior is harmful to others.
  10. Unruly running and shouting are not permitted on the building or the schoolyard. When using stairs or walkways, students should stick to the left. Always give right of way to teachers and the elderly.
  11. Students must take care of the school’s property. Any broken furniture/fixtures must be immediately reported to


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