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Top 10 schools in Pune


Top 10 schools in Pune


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Schools are the base of the education system. So schools with good quality should be an indispensable part of every person’s life. And hence we should not compromise with the quality of schools as that determines the later one.

 There are so many schools in Pune, but here are the Top 10 Schools in Pune which offers you quality education and wholesome development in one place.


Top 10 schools in Pune
Top 10 schools in Pune


1. Mahindra International School (MIS) 

Mahindra International School comes first in the list of Top 10 Schools in Pune as it has all the facilities that a good quality school should have. It is a day school having grades up to 12. Established in the year 1998, it still holds its name high through quality education and wholesome development.

The focus is not only on the marks or syllabus; rather, this school focuses on skills and attitudes, which will take the child far away in life.



Campus equipment:

        It has well equipped classrooms with good ventilation.

        It has well maintained playgrounds that help in all-round development of the child.


Address: P-26 MIDC Phase 1,Rajeev Gandhi Infotech Park,Hinjawadi



2. Symbiosis International school: 

Established in the year 1950, it is one of the earliest schools in independent India. It has a good reputation not only in India but also abroad. Symbiosis as a whole is a family of educational institutions having universities, colleges, etc. It services more than 34000 students every year from India and abroad. 

   If you are looking for a good quality school that provides quality education and all-round development of a child, including discipline and positivity, then Symbiosis international school comes under the Top 10 Schools in Pune. 


        Symbiosis international school has adequate amount of classrooms, with huge assembly halls.

        It has huge playgrounds, libraries and laboratories that ensures a wholesome education with practical skills.


Address: Gate No. 3A, Symbiosis Old Campus, Off Symbiosis Road ,[Formerly Off New Airport Road], Viman Nagar



3. The Kalyani School:

Instead of the fact that it was established in 2015, it still has a secured place in the list of Top 10 Schools in Pune due to the higher quality academic education balances with discipline and other life lessons. It is a co-ed school that gives your child a sense of gender equality, and hence he or she does not feel ashamed of the companion of another gender. 


    It has grades up to tenth class. It offers academic education under the board CBSE. It is a day school with all the activities that a child loves. As an educational institution, they prioritize all-round development over good marks in the exam. 

Campus equipment:

        It comes under Top 10 Schools in Pune because of its well maintained campus equipment. It has libraries with numerous books.

        It has well equipped science laboratories that help children get practical knowledge.


Address: Manjari (Budruk), Near Hadapsar



4. Delhi Public School:

It is one of the most famous schools on the list of Top 10 Schools in Pune. It is one of the best schools in Pune. It offers academic education under the CBSE board. It is a co-ed school that teaches your child how to deal with other gender and gender equality and hence a better-managed life ahead. It has grades up to 12, admitting in this school; you will be less worried about your child’s education from scratch to the 12th grade. 

Campus equipment:

        Science laboratories to help children gain practical learnings.

        It has a huge library to add to the children’s knowledge.


Address: Nyati County,Mohammadwadi



5. St Mary’s school:

It is a day school and is located in serene. It is one of the oldest schools under the list of Top 10 schools in Pune, the establishment year being 1866. It offers education under the ICSE board. This board has a very vast syllabus with proper understanding techniques that help the child grow as an individual and create his or her own opinion regarding different happenings worldwide. It is a co-ed school. If you are a parent looking for quality education with a good culture, this one is the best option for you.


Campus equipment:

        Well ventilated classrooms are the best feature of this school.

        Playgrounds are green and it has almost all the equipment for different kinds of sports.

        A huge assembly hall, combined with library ads to children’s outlook.

Address: 5B, General Bhagat Marg, Camp



6. Vidya Valley School:

Vidya Valley School has grades up to tenth. So children going to this school experience the calmness of nature from very close. It offers you quality education combined with character development. The academic education is under the ICSE board. This is one of the best schools from the list of Top 10 Schools in Pune. 

Campus equipment:

        Classrooms with good management and science laboratories with every needed equippment.

        Libraries with more than 10 thousands books from different niche help children gather knowledge.


Address: Sus Village, Taluka Mulashi



7. Heritage School:

This is one of the CBSE schools in Pune. Being established in the year 2002, this school has earned a lot of reputation and trust over these 18 years. It offers academic education till 12th grade.

Campus equipment:

        Well maintained classrooms combined with huge halls make children comfortable.

        Regularly arranged science exhibitions provide practical learnings to children.

Address: S No 127, Talegaon Dabhade, Village Ambi,Taluka Maval



8. ST. Joseph High school:

This is one of the few schools that offer education under the state board but still comes under the Top 10 schools in Pune. It is the only girls’ high school. St.Joseph high school offers education up to tenth grade. 

       Campus equipment:

        Huge classrooms with well maintaainance provide comfort to the children.

        Huge playgrounds with proper equipment helps children grow from every face.

Address: Pashan Road, Pune


9. The Lexicon International School:

Being established in the year 2006, this is one of the best CBSE schools in Pune. It offers education up to tenth grade. The only idea behind establishing this school was to provide good quality secondary education to the children out there. So they focus on child-centric education.

Campus equipment:

        Huge libraries with books from different niches.

        Well equipped science laboratories.

Address: Lexicon Estate, G No. 726, Pune-Nagar Road,Wagholi



10. Bishop’s school: 

The last school under the list of Top 10 Schools in Pune is Bishop’s school. It is situated just 6km away from Pune railway station.

Campus equipment:

        This is a well-equipped school with 75 well-managed classrooms,3 science laboratories.

        2 huge assembly halls, 2 big libraries, and a dining room that can accommodate more than 250 students at a time.

If you are a parent and looking for a school with equipment, then this one is the best for you from the list of Top 10 Schools in Pune. 

Address: Plot No. 78, Yerawada Town Planning Scheme, (Near Pepsi Godown), Village Yerawada, Kalyani Nagar





1. Which is the number one school in Pune? 

From the list of Top 10 Schools in Pune, choosing one school as number one is difficult. But looking at the qualities, boards offered, equipment and all-round development of the child, Bishop’s school is the number one school in Pune.

2. Which is the No 1 school in India? 

The Doon School, Dehradun, is the No 1 school in India as per the 2019 data.

3. Which is the most famous school?

Talking about the popularity of the schools in Pune, Mahindra International School (MIS) from Top 10 Schools in Pune comes first.  

4. How many schools are there in Pune? 

As per the data, there are 154 primary schools, 17 secondary schools, and one krida prabodhini that are run by the municipal corporation. Apart from this, there are so many other schools which are run by private organizations.



As a parent, you must provide your child with a quality education. So never compromise with this. This list of the Top 10 Schools in Pune may help you find your choice of school.