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6 Myths students think about plagiarism


6 Myths students think about plagiarism

Apart from the disappointment itself, most students are probably afraid that they will take someone’s content away.

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There seems to be a sticky feeling of shame in certain students, and that is why they look online for plagiarism before presenting their work.

This is common amongst the students that they don’t check their assignment through the plagiarism checker because they can’t bear the prices of an efficient tool.

Some of the accurate and efficient tools for checking plagiarism are usually paid and the students don’t have the credit card or the expense to buy these.

Unfortunately, a significant proportion of these free plagiarism checkers are not 100% accurate in their query positions. Consequently, their customers receive a free but regularly incorrect report on the innovation of their content.

Plagiarism is a bad practice for students whether it happens intentionally or unintentionally. Most of the students don’t consider plagiarism serious because they think plagiarism is not a big case.

However, this article will explain the misconceptions that students have about plagiarism in their assignments.

Why and how plagiarism is caused?

Plagiarism is one of the major concerns for the students because they usually have more burden of assignments but less time to manage them.

Moreover, sometimes it happens that the knowledge about the topic is not enough for the students to write their wording.

Students usually go for finding the supportive material on the internet and when they write the content through reading the internet, it usually causes plagiarism.

Checking plagiarism in this era is not a difficult task because of the availability and accessibility of plagiarism to everyone.

You just need to search check my paper for plagiarism free and the search engine will show multiple websites for plagiarism checker and you can select for your purpose.

Plagiarism is not only about the copying of the exact wording instead of copying the concept, ideas, and thoughts is also considered plagiarism.

·        Considering they are not plagiarizing

This is essentially wrong. Anybody associated with any kind of duplicating content from another person’s work is considered plagiarism.

It’s important that a few people, because of their mastery, know how to avoid plagiarizing. Let’s take an expert author who has composed for over decades. Probably, the writer has advanced methods for avoiding plagiarism especially to trick the plagiarism checker.

It’s not that the individual has not replicated anything, it’s just that he has figured out how to removethe plagiarism.

·        Self-plagiarism is not possible

A few students believe that, since they were the authors of a previously submittedassignment, essay, or diary, they can easily extract data from it without reference to this material.

They contend that self-plagiarism is beyond the realm of the imagination. All in all, if the material is intended only for you, you are protected.

6 Myths students think about plagiarism


Even though you randomly submit such material for evaluation, the case will change. You would be questioned because you do not refer adequately to your work even though you were the first creator of the previous assignment.

This means that whether you are copying your content, you shouldn’t publish your content again and again as it is considered to be self-plagiarism and is one of the bad practices for students.

·        Plagiarism checker is not efficient

Sometimes students feel that the plagiarism checker or bots over the digital platform are not able to detect their assignment’s plagiarism.

This is usually because you have changed some of the words or used a paraphrasing tool but remember this is also a type of plagiarism.

6 Myths students think about plagiarism


The online tools are enough intelligent to capture the changed words but the same concept while considering it the plagiarized document.

For example, if you use a paraphrasing tool for making your content unique then the plagiarism checkers can detect because the words are changed but the original concept is the same as it was in the source.

·        Citation to the source is difficult

What happens when you copy and you guarantee that someone else’s licensed contentis yours when the truth is told that it isn’t. Generally, you engage someone else’s thoughts or ideas in your writing.

In this sense, you are obliged to give adequate credit to the original author or publisher of the sentences that you have copied.

Also, the most ideal approach to achieving this is by citation in your assignment.

Citation is not difficult especially when you have multiple options for citation. There are different ways of citing the source including the following:

·         APA

·         MLA

·         Chicago

·         Harvard

The different policy material on each style is a thing that is known to scare numerous students.

The efficient plagiarism checkers are capable of making a citation to the content that is detected as plagiarized. You just have to add the content in the toolbox for checking originality and the rest of the citation will be done by the tool itself.

·        Non-native steals content from the internet

Once again, plagiarism is not exclusively related to a particular language but is a widespread problem. Indeed, people whose native language is not English may be more likely to be duplicated.

But local speakers may also submit to this drawback. Indeed, any person unwilling to invest some extra energy will end up using works written by others.

Similarly, regardless of whether you are anun-native writer, if you feel the pressure to complete anassigned task or to submit work without giving the author satisfactoryhonesty, you can simply make a name out of the work of others.

Remember, when you are detected, it doesn’t depend on whether you are a native person or not. You have to deal with the case and sometimes, with the penalty.

·        All plagiarism is the equivalent

To show that this view is not correct, you only need to pass a composite content through a duplicate checker.

At the point at which you perform this check, the result will usually show up the same for any type of plagiarism.

The uniqueness rate will drop somewhere between 0 and 100%. Overall, if the plagiarism level is above 20%, most teachers can reject the assignment declaring it copied or have similar ideas.

Whether you have copied the idea or the sentences themselves, it will be declared as plagiarism. The tools that are available online can easily detect plagiarism in your content and this way, you might have to face a major penalty from your institute.


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