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Top 10 schools in Jaipur | top 10 schools of jaipur | top 10 schools in jaipur list

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Top 10 schools in Jaipur


School is the beginning of our successful life. It is the most important part of our career, whatever we do in our school it reflects in our whole career. Whether we succeed or not totally depends on how we perform and what we learned in school. Knowing this, parents are always conscious about the choice of the schools. They always want their child to be the best among all, and for that, the child must be in a good school where he or she can develop the most; by development, I don’t just consider the academic development, the co-curricular development of a child is equally important, and for that, they must be in one of the top 10 schools in Jaipur.

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Top 10 schools in Jaipur
Top 10 schools in Jaipur


Some people pressurize their children to perform well in their academics and overlook the fact that whether he has any other interest or not. Today the sports sector in our country has improved a lot, and almost all the sports are given an equal amount of priority. You may have seen children participating in Common Wealth Games, Asian Games, World Championships, etc. All these students who at a very young age prove themselves are from the top 10 schools in Jaipur, symboling that how a career in sports is also worth every effort that you put in. Earlier times, sports just meant cricket, but now India is changing each and every sport is given equal importance and not just sports; every other co-curricular activity has a bright career ahead.

The era has evolved, and now all-round development of a child is mandatory to survive in this competitive generation for which your child has to be in the Top 10 Schools in Jaipur. Schools are the most vital part of a child’s life; it decides whether he is going to be a gem to society or just an ordinary child, so choose a school where he gets to learn and cherish all his talents. If you are confused about which school you should get your child admitted to. So to ease your confusion, we are going to tell you the Top 10 Schools in Jaipur, which are the best and will bring the most out of your child.

1.     Saint Xavier’s Senior Secondary School JaipurAddress: Bhagwan Das Road, PanchBatti, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302001 

Phone- 01412372336

The School was established in 1943. The prime minister of the state, after visiting Saint Xavier’s School, Patna, wanted to establish a similar kind of School in his state Jaipur. Soon The Jesuits took over the management of the St Mary’s Boys School, which was founded two years ago in 1941. Later on, the school became Co-educational in 1989. Now the school runs under the supervision of Father Dominic S.J. The alumni of the Schools are PratapBhanu Mehta, The Vice-Chancellor of Ashok University, and Late Amit Bhardwaj, a soldier, martyred at Kargil War.

The St Xavier’s School in Jaipur is well equipped with all kinds of sports materials and also has different sports complexes for the feasibility of every child to play and practice. It also has separate swimming pools for the children, girls, and boys. The library of the School is huge as compared to other schools with all kinds of books relating to their academics as well as of other interests. Moving forward to academics, the school offers over a hundred well-qualified and experienced team of teachers who guide each and every child to learn and excel in their career. The school organizes different clubs and tournaments during the year, giving an opportunity to the students to show up their talent, and the school also participates in the inter-school championships with other schools. The school is affiliated with CBSE Curriculum. Keeping these factors in mind, it finds the top place in the list of top 10 schools in Jaipur.

2.     Delhi Public School, Jaipur.

Address: Ajmer Road Branch NH-8, Jaipur Ajmer Highway, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302026

Phone – +91 8290565656

The Delhi Public School Jaipur is one of the series of schools conducted by the Delhi Public School. The branches of the school are spread all over India, maintaining the reputation of delivering world-class services to the society with a highly qualified teacher who takes care of each student. The Delhi Public School Deserves its place in the list of top 10 schools in Jaipurbecause of its records over the years for having the best results all over India. The School has big classrooms with a limited number of seats so that every student could get uniform attention. For better and upcoming opportunities keeping the current environment, the school has installed smart class and advanced laboratories for a better understanding of the students. The school has a couple of swimming pools to accommodate students separately by gender.

The Delhi Public School also offers a boarding facility for the students who live far from the school. The accommodation of the students is well equipped with the facility of laundry and mess and wardens who keep the students in the discipline. The school runs under the supervision of Principal Ms. Rita P Taneja. The Board of Governors includes Chairperson Dr. UshaLuthra, Pro-Vice-Chairperson Ms. Aditi Misra. 

3.     BhartiyaVidyaBhavan’sVidyashram, Jaipur

Address: K.M. Munshi Marg, Opposite O.T.S, Rajasthan – 302015

Phone- 0141-2711291, 2707859, 2702006

The BhartiyaVidyaBhavan is a private co-educational school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school was established in the year 1938. The school runs successfully under the supervision of the Smt. Pratima Sharma. It is not just a school; it’s All India Intellectual, Cultural, and Educational movement. The school is serving the country for decades, adopting the vigorously changing educational environment. It conducts classes starting from Kindergarten to Post Graduate, specializing in all kinds of sectors, Music, Computers, Sanskrit, Yoga, Journalism, and Business, etc. It offers a very wide range of streams to the society, which makes its place in the Top 10 Schools in Jaipur. It’s not the only reason the campus is well equipped with world-class facilities and qualified teachers to guide students and lead them towards achieving excellence. 

The School also offers a high-quality hostel facility with good mess service and laundry. It also has multi-purpose halls for the gathering of School functions and exhibitions. The school has a ground for sports and other activities and also has a swimming pool. The school focuses on mental and physical development, as both are equally important.

4.     JayshreePeriwal International School 

Address: Mahapura Road, Narayan Y Block, Mahapura, Rajasthan-302026

Phone: 01413057777 

The JayshreePeriwal international School is formerly known as Step By Step International School. It is totally a different kind of school. It does not follow any of the regular curriculums that are followed in our country. The school follows International Baccalaureate Programme from class primary to five; then follows the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) from grades nine to ten; further, it follows the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for grade Eleven to Twelve. So, if you are willing to give your child an Education based on the International curriculum, then JayshreePeriwal International School is probably the perfect choice. 

The school has a massive campus of almost 50 acres near Ajmer Road, making it one of the best schools of Jaipur and, of course, among the Top 10 Schools in Jaipur. The School has a fully air-conditioned campus, with smart classes and laboratories. Boarding facilities are also available for students who are willing to join from other states, where they are provided with hygienic food and home-like accommodation. It is a co-educational school practicing gender equality. It is one of the most famous schools across the country.

5.     Neerja Modi School, Jaipur

Address: Shipra Path, Shanti Nagar, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302020

Phone- 01412785484

The school is affiliated to both the Central Board of Secondary Education and International Baccalaureate. The campus has spread across 20 acres. It offers a wide range of facilities to the students starting from tennis to archery, Horse riding to volleyball, and many more games. It also has a 400-meter athletic track and swimming. It doesn’t mean that they are left behind in academics; it has a huge faculty group of almost 350 members who are well qualified and experienced. This is why the school is listed among the top 10 schools in Jaipur.

The School has also availed hostel services for migrating students. The schools also follow green earth techniques like rainwater harvesting, solar-powered buildings to make the students understand the value of natural resources. The school is supervised by Ms. Indu Dubey, the principal. The school also conducts various inter-school tournaments and also participates in national level Competitions. 

6.     Maharani Gayatri Devi Public School, Jaipur

Address: Sawai Ram Singh Road, PanchBatti, Sangram Colony, Ashok Nagar, Rajasthan-302002


 The Maharani Gayatri Devi Public School, also known as MGD Girls School, is a proper girl’s school. The school was established in the year 1943. This also one of the earliest established schools in Jaipur. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Very few people know this, but this is the first all-girls school established in Rajasthan. So if you are planning to send your child to an all-girls school, you can totally have faith and go to MGD. The school has maintained a good record of discipline and reputation in Jaipur, which makes it one of the Top 10 Schools in Jaipur.

The school was made by the Royal family of Jaipur, so the campus of the school has a touch of the royal family. The campus of the school is spread across 26 acres, which is quite big an area. The Principal of the prestigious school is Ms. Archana S Mankotia. The founder of the school Gayatri Devi also the wife of Maharaja Sawai Singh Bahadur, was concerned about the education of women in India, so she recommended a girls school in the state of Jaipur to the Prime Minister, Mirza Ismail.

7.     MahrajaSawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, Jaipur

Address: Sawai Ram Singh Road, Rambagh, Rajasthan-302004


The school was built in the memory of Late Gayatri Devi, who started the movement of education across the Country; she always said that there is no alternative to good education, which necessary for great nation-building. The school was organized by the Sawai Man Singh Shilpa Kala Mandir Society, which was made by Late Maharaja Sawai Man Singh. 

It is a private co-educational school with a well-equipped campus, ground and swimming pool not only this it also has tennis courts. The school has installed smart classes with audio-visual instructions for the upcoming generation who are the young future of the country.

8.     Maheshwari Public School, Jaipur

Address: Sector 5, Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road, Rajasthan-302033

Phone-0141 2771358

If you are looking for School which is affiliated with the ICSE curriculum, the Maheshwari Public School is probably is the perfect place for your child. There are very few schools that are affiliated with the ICSE curriculum, among which Maheshqari public school is the only one to make it to the top 10 Schools in Jaipur list. The school has recently established in the year 2008, looking at the increase in demand for ICSE based schools with a well-developed campus. It is a co-educational school. It has separate rooms and halls for every activity, separate swimming pools for kids, girls and boys. The school also provides a hostel facility for the migrating students; with hygienic home-like food.

The school also organizes several inter-school tournaments and festivals. It also promotes house systems that further participate in the quiz, debates, treasures, etc. The school also gives proper counseling to the students to help them choose their destined career.

9.     India International School, Jaipur 

Address: Kshipra Path, opposite VT Road, Shanti Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan-302020

Phone- 01412786402

The School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school is conducted under the supervision of Mala Agnihotri, the principal, and Dr. Ashok Gupta, the Senior Principal & Director of the School. The school has all the world-class amenities that you are expecting from a good school. The school also has a membership with the international Schools Associations, Geneva. The school is situated in Mansarovar, away from all the maddening crowd and polluted environmental factors that are responsible for affecting the educational environment. The reason behind being in the top 10 schools in Jaipur list is its records of maintained discipline and scholarships, which lead students to excel in their careers.

10.                        Rukmani Birla Modern High School

Address: Gopalpura Bypass, Shanti Nagar, Near Durgapura Railway Station


The campus of the school is the most attractive part of the school; it feels so perfect. The environment is so well managed and fresh, which motivates the students to concentrate, study, and be innovative and invent new things. The school also provides superb labs and a library so that the students meet all kinds of needs and excel in their careers. The school obviously deserves a place in the top 10 schools in Jaipur list for providing just a beautiful environment and guidance on how a school environment should be.


The above are the Top 10 Schools in Jaipur which are the best for your child. I tried to give you all the vital information about every school; now, it’s your call to choose the best compatible school for your child, which has the relevant facilities that your child is willing to pursue in his life.